Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects will Alouf Custom Builders take on?

We build new homes, remodel or add onto existing homes, and build garages.

Do I need to have my home or floorplans before I contact Alouf Custom Builders?

Not at all! If you don't already have your plans, we will help you put together a design that meets your needs and desires. Once you're happy with the general layout we've created, we'll set you up with one of our draftsmen or architects to finalize everything.

Am I limited to a portfolio of plans that Alouf Custom Builders has?

No! With Alouf Custom Builders, there are no limits to what you can build (beyond what's physically possible). we can use a plan you have drawn up yourself, one you have found online, or work with an architect to design the perfect plan for you. The sky is the limit!

Is the process of building a custom home difficult to go through?

Not at all. Is it a lot of work? Yes. You'll have a lot of decisions to make. On the other hand, you will derive a lot of fun and satisfaction from knowing you had a hand in building your own home – that every single decision, from the overall design of the home to the color of the light switches, was made by you.

How long will the build process take for a new home?

From the time we break ground, it typically takes six to nine months to build a new home.

How long will the build process take to remodel or add onto an existing home?

It depends on the situation. In some cases, such as simple kitchen remodel, the process may take a month or two, whereas a more extensive addition make take longer.

What is the first step?

Give us a call! We will set up a meeting to get to know each other and go over your wishlist. From there we will guide you through the process of building your dream home, one step at a time!

Got a Question We Didn't Answer?

Send us a shout! We're happy to work with you to answer any questions you may have about working on your dream home.